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For two summers, I worked as a tour guide at the Umpqua River Lighthouse in Oregon. This opportunity enabled me to learn more about that lighthouse than any of the others I've seen. Although I have personally visited and photographed over 300 lighthouses in the United States and three Provinces in Canada, the Umpqua River Lighthouse has special meaning for me. This is where I was inspired to write my book titled, "The Wickie."

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I invite you to read my book, "THE WICKIE." Preview the book's cover and watch the trailer below.
(Wickie was a nickname used by the early lighthouse keepers at the Umpqua River Lighthouse in OR.)

This 1860's story about the lighthouse keepers and their families at the Umpqua River Lighthouse will warm your heart. Discover the challenges they met but never expected, and their determination to maintain navigational aid to mariners on the Oregon coast.

To order your signed copy of "The Wickie", send me an e-mail: awbates1955@gmail.com. The Book is $15 plus tax and shipping.

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03 September 2015

A Wisconsin Beauty - North Point Lighthouse

Located on N. Wahl Ave in Lake Park, Milwaukee, WI, the North Point Lighthouse is the third lighthouse to be built in Milwaukee.

The first lighthouse was erected in 1838, however, it was not located where it could provide proper navigational assistance. Replaced in 1855 by a 28-feet tower built on a 56-feet bluff overlooking the lake and located approximately 100-feet east of the present lighthouse.

Eventually, erosion forced replacement of the second lighthouse and in 1887 a new tower was completed at a height of 39-feet. It was built entirely of bolted cast iron sections. A steel plate lower section was built in 1912, and then the 39-feet cast iron tower placed on top as shown above. This raised the tower to a height of 74-feet and the light to a new height of 160-feet above the lake. This lighthouse operated with a fourth-order Fresnel lens until deactivation in 1994.

On the day of my visit here in 1998, the lighthouse was not open to the public.

27 August 2015

A Wisconsin Beauty - Kenosha Pierhead Lighthouse

Located on the north pier at Kenosha, WI, the Kenosha Pierhead Lighthouse was built in 1906. Its tower is made of cast-iron and stands 50-feet tall. The lantern room originally housed a fourth-order Fresnel lens but it has been replaced by a beacon type light. This lighthouse marks the entrance to the harbor in Kenosha. The windy weather, on the day of my visit here in 1998, provided a beautiful setting for the lighthouse and its surroundings. Although the weather was not severe at the time, it caused me to wonder how many lives and ships this lighthouse has saved over the years when the weather was severe.

20 August 2015

A Wisconsin Beauty - Wind Point Lighthouse

Located at Wind Point, near Racine, WI, the Wind Point Lighthouse was built in 1880 by the Lighthouse Service. The tower stands 112-feet high and has 144 iron steps to the lantern room. Originally, a kerosene "Aladdin's" lamp supplied the light until 1924 at which time it was replaced by an electrified lamp. The light was manned by a lighthouse keeper and two assistants, who along with their families, lived in the house adjacent to the tower.

The Coast Guard replaced the lens with a fully automated system in 1964. With the use of radar on ships, the foghorn was no longer needed, so it was dismantled. The light consists of a 1,000 watt bulb and a reflector which magnified the light to two million candlepower. The beam of light is visible for 19-miles, and the rotation of the light is timed so that it flashes every 20-seconds. The light is activated by timers and photo-electric cells, which turn it on 30-minutes before sunset and off 30-minutes after sunrise, or whenever visibility is less than 5-miles. Once the light became automated, the Coast Guard sealed the tower.

At the time of my visit here in 1998 visitors were welcome to walk around the grounds, but no one was permitted inside the lighthouse except qualified personnel.

13 August 2015

A Wisconsin Beauty - Southport Lighthouse

Located in Kenosha, WI, the Southport Lighthouse was built in 1866. Its tower stands 52-feet tall and the lantern room housed a fourth-order Fresnel lens prior to deactivation in 1906. The keepers house was built in 1867. At the time of my visit here in 1998, the lighthouse was owned by the City of Kenosha.